Thursday, March 24, 2011

"You're cured."

Well, five years after being cleared by the PET scan, I went to the oncologist. He looked at the blood work, looked at me, and said, "You don't need to be here. You're cured." I'm sure he was saying other things, but that's all I really focused on. Cured. I need to go back one more time, but I'm done with lab work. The only lab I have now is my Chocolate Lab, Chase. The only Cat scans will be when my cat, Murray , checks out my lap as a place to sit. And, the most painful thing will likely be errant knees from small children while wrestling. Of course, a good side effect of the TC is now the chance of my kids making contact dropped by 50%.

I know that other folks will read this on occasion. I go back and re-read it occasionally. The last thing I have to say is, God is good, even in this sort of situation, and, while it isn't fun during the whole thing, this too shall pass.

Of course, I ought to throw the big thank you out there to all who kept an eye on me, and walked through this with me. Most of all, thanks to my dear wife, Melissa, for whom this was probably worse than it was for me. After the two bouts of cancer, then my appendectomy a couple years ago, she just looked at me one evening, and said, "I've enough of the "In Sickness" thing for a while, how about we try the "In Health" for a bit?

So, take care everyone, and God bless.


At 8:52 PM, Anonymous Denise Bock said...

I am so glad you are cured ! what amazing news ! Yeah for you, your children & your wife ! What a journey you have been on's to the "and in health" portion !

you are a good man, Geoff ...


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